I have been enjoying cats since my childhood. In 1996 I visited a cat show in Vilnius. One year later there were two pure-blooded cats living at our place - a Cornish rex couple. After that time, the number of cats was only increasing and Cornish rex were substituted with British shorthairs. I brought a female of rare color from Germany. British cats charmed me with their calm character and their friendliness to a human.
These cats live in cattery at the moment:
SC(FIFe), WCH, Double Master (WCF) Uldwyna's Cael Caibre, DSM, DVM, BSH a
IC(FIFe) Peerkunas van de Kraayenberg, BSHa
WCH, TRIPLE MASTER (WCF) NW15, 17, SC (FIFe) Zariana Katės Akis LT, DSM, DVM BSH a;
Sara Katės Akis BSHa
Jadviga Katės Akis BSHf
GIC Elena Kates Akis BSHc
Katrė Kates Akis BSHg
CH Tara Diamond Regnum RU BSHo
Wilda Kates Akis BSHc
Austeja Kates Akis BSHa
Paulina Kates Akis BSHa

During those years we have participated in many cat shows in Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Estonia, Belarus, Russia, Italy, Finland, Norway - unforgettable moments! I have found new friends and broadened my outlook in a sphere of felinology.

This cattery represents Latvian CFCA "Selena" and club LGAC, which represents WCF in Lithuania. In my breeding work I propagate and obey the laws of FIFe. That is why I am for mastering the breeds, but against pointless breeding of cats.

Based on 2005 and 2006 results our cattery was ranked 3rd in Lithuania and marvelous photos of our kittens decorated a book for kids "Kittens ABC".

Yours sincerely, Solveiga Kaupienė

All ofthe pictures on this website are property of the cattery. It is forbidden to use those photos without a written approval from the cattery.
This is a legal cattery, a member of FIFe club "Selena", and it is registered in governmental agency of food and veterinary, works under a patent.